Using Tibetan Singing Bowls in your Yoga Practice

Published: 22nd February 2010
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Singing Bowls are also called Tibetan Singing Bowls. Singing bowls have been used for centuries for relaxation and healing. Another name for Tibetan singing bowls is Himalayan singing bowls. Singing bowls are traditionally made from a combination of seven metals. These metals include silver, gold, mercury, copper, iron, tin, and lead. The seven metals are said to correlate to the seven planets. Modern bowls are often made from 3-5 different metals.

Tibetan singing bowls can be played by striking the mallet against the side of the bowl. Singing bowl strikers are made from materials such as wood, or wood wrapped in leather. Singing bowls are not difficult to learn how to play after the beginning stages of learning. And the more a singing bowl is played, the better it sounds.
Singing bowls are wonderful to use during yoga classes because the sound waves from the bowls resonate in our bodies. Singing bowls also help to quiet the mind during yoga. Singing bowls are also used in healing.

When you play a singing bowl, hold the bowl in one hand and strike the bowl with the mallet. Singing bowls always have a primary tone, with smaller tones within that primary tone. You can also play singing bowls by rubbing the mallet around the outside of the singing bowl. The friction of the striker on the singing bowl allows the bowl to continuously sing for as long as you play.

Tibetan singing bowls look similar to a regular bowl, but they ring like a bell. Singing bowls are played with the rim up, rather than down. If you are successfully doing meditation in your yoga practice, but would like to further your meditation practice, singing bowls may help. Singing bowls help the mind to connect with the body, and your mind can focus on the tone, rather than other things that sometimes come up during yoga and meditation. Singing bowls are often used by teachers, or musicians who come to play in yoga practice, as well.

Cast singing bowls have a more finished surface on the outside, and this makes them slightly easier to play. Hand-hammered bowls have a unique character, and their sound changes slightly over time. Hand-hammered bowls look rough and unfinished on the outside, but they are wonderful to play. Because hand-hammered bowls have such a unique sound, the sound of a particular bowl cannot be duplicated, and the expense for these bowls is higher than cast bowls.

The aspect of meditation during a yoga practice is an important part of the yoga practice. It is easy to focus on the physical aspects of yoga, and to forget the emotional and spiritual aspects. Using singing bowls during your yoga practice can give a boost to your ability to reach the mental state needed for the emotional benefits of meditation.

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